Charlotte Sometimes (review)

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Lori (Eugenia Yuan), who may or may not be sad and lonely, does the nasty with Justin (Matt Westmore), loudly enough for the whole neighborhood to hear, and then goes upstairs to visit with her landlord, Michael (Michael Idemoto), who may or may not be sad and lonely and may or may not be secretly in love with Lori, to watch anime and fall asleep on his shoulder on the couch. “He knows we’re just friends,” she tells Michael, meaning Justin. “I’m not afraid to be alone,” Michael tells Lori about himself. And then he meets Darcy (Jacqueline Kim: Brokedown Palace), who may or may not be sad and lonely but definitely has a big secret that the audience may or may not be allowed to fully grasp. It’s all arty and jazzy and people sit and stare and turn away from one another instead of talking and it’s all about the silences and if you’re into that, have at it. I, who may or may not be hopelessly plebian, found it all nicely shot and nicely acted and all that but kinda found myself thinking What’s the point? “It’s a portrait,” the cinemarati will say, or “It’s a mood piece,” but I want a movie to be about something more than a mood. Why couldn’t they all be possibly sad and lonely and in love or not while robbing a bank or finding the lost ark of the covenant or saving Earth from invading aliens or something? If they can’t have adventures they should at least be witty and clever and funny. But here everyone’s just moping. Life is mopey enough without our movies being mopey, too. I’m sure the garage door opener thingie is very symbolic of something, but still.

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