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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

Vengo (review)

Spare and beautiful visually, lush and bracing aurally, this ardent celebration of flamenco dance and music is bursting with the most fiery of emotions: love and lust and murderous rage. In dusty Andalusia in Spain, rival gipsy clans are heading for a final showdown in their most recent of blood feuds, but until that happens, there will be spirited partying and mournful singing and sensual dancing, all so truly seductive you’ll want to get up and twirl and spin and clap your hands in time with the music. It’s all to director Tony Gatlif’s plan, imbuing you with the ardor of flamenco so you’ll comprehend the furor and the fervor that drives this passionate people even to murder.

MPAA: not rated

viewed at home on a small screen

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