My Baby’s Daddy (review)

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It’s idiots on parade as three lifelong pals — played by Undercover Brother Eddie Griffin, The Sopranos‘s Michael Imperioli, and Kangaroo Jack‘s Anthony Anderson, whose mere presence in a film has come to be a harbinger of doom — all knock up their girlfriends at the same time and Just Can’t Cope with fatherhood or growing up. Unlikely as the timing is, more absurd is that any woman, even one in the grip of the horniest desperation, would take herself to the bed of one of these losers without doing all that was humanly possible to prevent an accidental mingling of gametes. The toxic nature of baby poop and the supposed male inability to change a diaper is about as high-minded as this movie gets; the lows descend to fart jokes and the most predictable kind of class and ethnic stereotypes. On the scale of moviegoing experiences, it’s on the Tortures of the Damned level.

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