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Broken Lizard’s Club Dread (review)

Not so much as a movie as a “Girls Gone Wild” video with the occasional slasher murder thrown in for fun. It’s island of the brain-dead as horny guys and silicone-enhanced gals romp at a tropical resort — sample pick-up line: “Wanna get nailed?” — until a mysterious figure with a machete starts offing the staff. Like we’re supposed to care. The only thing I could work up any enthusiasm to ponder was why the heck Bill Paxton agreed to appear in this, and why the heck as a burnt-out Jimmy Buffett wannabe. Movies don’t get much more idiotic than this. And you get twice the idiocy: the DVD includes both widescreen and pan-and-scan versions of the film, with audio commentaries by the Broken Lizard Comedy Team, who are responsible for this waste of celluloid.

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MPAA: rated R for violence/gore, sexual content, language and drug use

viewed at home on a small screen

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