Soul Plane (review)

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The thinking movie fan will find it hard to know which aspect of this repulsive “comedy” is more offensive: the fact that it celebrates ignorance, boorishness, mindless rutting, and noisy bowel movements, or the fact that there is absolutely no attempt at a story upon which to hang the obnoxious festivities. Not that I recommend this film to any thinking movie fan. When Nashawn (standup comic Kevin Hart: Along Came Polly) wins $100 million in a lawsuit against an airline as compensation for, yes, an accident on an airplane toilet, he decides to start his own airline. The inaugural flight — #0-69, har har — occupies most of the running time, and consists of an endless series of sight jokes and one-liners about how uptight white people are (as represented by Tom Arnold: Cradle 2 the Grave, and who’d have thought it could be said that a bottom feeder like Tom Arnold was slumming), how blacks from Africa are full of “mumbo jumbo,” and how a jumbo jet can be hip-hopped up (think chrome wheels and straphanging standee passengers in “Low Class”). It aspires to be an “urban” Airplane! but it’s just an appalling array of stereotypes that insults even its own intended audience by suggesting that anyone with less than fair ivory skin is so incompetent and so obsessed with superficials that it’s an astonishing accomplishment that the plane — piloted by a drug-addled ex-con (Snoop Dogg: Starsky & Hutch) — ever gets off the ground and down again safely.

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