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Britney Baby, One More Time (review)

Oops, someone did it again: made a bad, bad movie that’s desperately hoping you’ll see it as a sort cultish, underground kind of thing and forgive it all its many, many flaws. But that’s not gonna happen. Cheaply made and badly acted, this is a disaster from start to finish, an embarrassingly awful film. A male Britney Spears impersonator (played by male Britney Spears impersonator Robert Stephens) and a clueless filmmaker (played by clueless filmmaker Mark Borchardt of American Movie infamy) hit the road from Milwaukee to New Orleans, faking news/PR events — Britney saves child from car crash! Britney sings the national anthem! — and winning the hearts of morons everywhere. Honestly, Stephens looks and sounds nothing like Spears — is that part of a joke I’m just not getting? This pseudo-fake-documentary is based, apparently, on a true story, and yet has nothing at all to offer concerning obsession with celebrity, corruption in journalism, or anything else the film is putatively about. It’s as empty-headed and superficial as Britney herself.

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MPAA: not rated

viewed at home on a small screen

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