Scenes of the Crime (review)

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This tired and rather pointless flick can be called “inspired” only in that it is “inspired by a true story.” Lenny (Jon Abrahams), a young auto mechanic who picks up some extra dough as a mob driver, finds himself in the middle of the kidnapping of a Los Angeles crime lord. We’re meant to fear for Lenny’s soul as much as his skin — even if he lives through this misadventure, will he fall irretrievably into moral decay? — but the toughest thing about this surprisingly mushy mob tale is working up any interest in it at all. The pedigreed names — multiple Oscar nominee Jeff Bridges as the kidnapped boss, multiple Emmy nominee Noah Wyle as his bodyguard — are badly miscast, unable to create much sense of menace to the proceedings. There’s no need to worry for Lenny, not when he’s surrounded by such nice guys. “Extras” are limited to the theatrical trailer.

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