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Pollyanna (review)

The beloved children’s book by Eleanor H. Porter gets a transplant from early-20th-century Vermont to Edwardian England in this British production, and that’s just fine: the indefatigable cheerfulness of its young heroine remains intact, and that’s all that matters. When the newly orphaned Pollyanna (delightful newcomer Georgina Terry) goes to live with her dour aunt, Polly (Amanda Burton), she can’t help but brighten the lives of all those around her, from the shy handyman secretly in love with the housemaid to her lonely auntie. Even in the face of a tragedy, Pollyanna remain relentlessly chipper, but the film never descends into mawkishness or annoying sentimentality. This lovely Masterpiece Theatre entry is, in fact, an absolute treat for the whole family, particularly in today’s entertainment environment, which tends to be bereft of stories of spunky little girls.

MPAA: not rated

viewed at home on a small screen

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