Tru Calling: The Complete First Season (review)

Tru Davies works at the morgue — graveyard shift, of course — where the dead people talk to her. Not all of them, just the “unnaturally” dead ones, the ones that she can jump back in time and save from their fate worse than… well, exactly as bad as death. It’s The Sixth Sense meets Quantum Leap with a hint of Quincy thrown in for good measure, and it’s about as dumb as the idea of a med student solving murders. Star Eliza Dushku’s (City by the Sea) continual vapid pouting is meant to signify sexiness, I think, because the Fox TV network doesn’t broadcast anything that can’t somehow qualify as “sexy,” but she’s still less silly than Jason Priestley (Darkness Falls) trying to convey “dark and mysterious” as her fellow morgue worker with supernatural secrets of his own. If you can sit through 20 repetitious episodes without needing your own trip to the morgue, consider yourself unkillable. Extras include commentaries on select episodes by cast and crew, deleted scenes, featurettes, and more.

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