He Knew He Was Right (review)

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Gossip and rumor and love and jealousy and obsession are all dressed up in period costume and going to all the familiar places in this BBC production of an Anthony Trollope novel. Four hour-long episodes follow the emotional misadventures of Louis and Emily Trevelyan (Oliver Dimsdale, and Laura Fraser: A Christmas Carol) — he thinks his wife is behaving improperly by hanging out with her godfather, Colonel Osbourne (Bill Nighy: Shaun of the Dead), a rake who pursues married women for fun; she thinks her husband is being unreasonable, and to prove nothing’s going on, she hangs out some more with Osbourne. But what of Louis’s friend Hugh and his love for Emily’s sister Nora? What of Reverend Gibson and his attraction to two different women? What of Aunt Stanbury and her disdain for fake hair? It’s soapy as all get out and kinda tediously dull with it. The DVD also features an hour-long dramatized bio of Trollope. Yawn.

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