Ice Princess (review)

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Disney’s got the bland and calculatedly innocuous follow-your-dream sports movie down to a science now… just like Casey Carlyle (Michelle Trachtenberg: Eurotrip), the high-school heroine of its latest installment in the genre, who applies physics to figure skating to determine the precise equation for a can’t-miss triple axel. But wait — what’s this? The formerly klutzy and geeky Casey feels pretty, oh so pretty once she gets out on the ice? Was the world really crying out for The Mighty Ducks meets The Princess Diaries? (Diaries novelist Meg Cabot contributed to the script.) Sure, yes, feminism is all about, basically, ensuring that girls and women have all doors open to them, can pursue whatever dreams they desire, but why does the retro proto feminism of these films always see the gal taking the pink and frilly route? Where is the follow-your-dream flick about the physics wiz who crawls her way to the top, adorable and full of self-confidence even as small-minded idiots try to keep her down, so she can spit in the face of Ivy League deans who say women can’t do science? Nope — that’s not for Casey. She’s busy making sure the totally cute Zamboni guy checks her out in her sparkly costume!

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