Margaret Cho: Assassin (review)

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I suppose there’s a time and a place for Margaret Cho. Unfortunately, that time and place is your dorm room during the brief moment of your first semester at college when jokes about Viagra and how the pope is like a drag queen are surprising and terms like “pussy cyclone” are shocking. I mean, look, I’m an old lefty liberal feminist atheist, just like Cho, and she bores the hell out of me anyway. But if you need a pat-on-the-head confirmation of your politics, then by all means check out her latest concert film, shot in May 2005 in Washington DC, in which she dares to make fun of Republicans while also using the word “lesbian” a lot. We’re told she’s “controversial,” but honestly, all she does is lob obvious cheap shots that do nothing but sanction her audience’s status quo. Where’s the controversy in that? Tons of extras, including short tribute films and behind-the-scenes documentaries, double the film’s running time. Dorm DVD players will be running overtime.

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