Thunderstruck (review)

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You know how, in My Best Friend’s Wedding, the pals promised to marry each other if they were both still single at 30? Well, this is just like that, except it’s five heavy-metal fans who vowed, as teenagers, that if any of them died before he turned forty, the others would bury him next to Australian rock idol Bon Scott. Guess what happens? (Hint: One of them dies.) Quirky, Down Under-style hijinks ensue as the pals, who’ve pretty much all taken the scenic loser trail through adulthood — one still lives at home with his parents; another stocks supermarket shelves — set about stealing the dead guy’s ashes and fulfilling the vow. It’s not very dangerous, for a “rock ‘n’ roll” movie — for pete’s sake, it features a scene in which the boys sing along in the car to Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” which cannot be done ironically and is now the 2000s equivalent of a “wacky” trying-on-hats shopping montage. Extras include commentaries, a making-of doc, and deleted scenes.

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