Imagine Me and You (review)

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You’ve seen this before — it’s your standard “girl falls in love with someone else on her wedding day” romantic comedy. But here’s the twist: the someone else is another girl! Insufferably cutesy, this twee British flick acts like it invented lesbianism — Isn’t it adorable how women can be gay, too? — and pats itself heartily on the back for its own cleverness. Will chipper Rachel (Piper Perabo: Cheaper by the Dozen 2) leave her perfect and newly minted husband, Heck (Matthew Goode: Chasing Liberty), for urban-waif-punk florist Luce (Lena Headey: The Brothers Grimm)? What do you think? Writer-director Ol Parker seems to realize that the drama is too flimsy, perched so precariously on the supposed shock value of Rachel’s hopping the fence, and desperately tries to inject excitement via Rachel’s mom (Celia Imrie: Nanny McPhee), who acquires a case of homophobia as quickly as she relinquishes it. The previously undistinguished Perabo does at least prove she’s got some chops and can pull off a totally believable English accent, and the cast is certainly charming, but the film has nothing to say beyond a gender reversal that might have been intriguing 50 years ago. (Imagine a Far from Heaven–esque three-hankie melodrama in which the proper crinolined housewife falls for her Tupperware lady to the horror of the PTA committee — now, that would have been something.) Consider it step forward for tolerance, if you must, that gay-chick flicks can now be as insipid as the straight ones.

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