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Sexual Intelligence (review)

Naughty and nice, this TV documentary is little more than an excuse to have the lovely Kim Cattrall (Ice Princess) chat coquettishly to the camera about all things sexual. But there’s a lively playfulness to this exploration of desire and attraction that ensures it’s never lurid, always charming. Explorations of the depiction of phalluses in Roman times and the place of sexuality in mythology bump-and-grind with interviews with modern-day sexual adventurers about their proclivities to create a survey of hangups and turn-ons throughout history and across cultures. There’s nothing groundbreaking here, from a sociological perspective, and actually very little arousing — only those people completely ignorant about the human body or those who’ve never considered that culture impacts how we think about our bodies will find anything titillating or enlightening. But Kim Cattrall does prowl around like the goddess she is, sometimes in a swimsuit, and surely that’s enough for some viewers.

MPAA: not rated

viewed at home on a small screen

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