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my ‘Princess Bride’ book: only mostly dead

Inconceivable! I just learned late last night that the company that was to publish my book Behind the Screen: The Princess Bride has gone belly-up. No warning at all: I was waiting to hear from my editor about revisions and such, was planning all sorts of fun promotional stuff… and then it’s, Here’s your manuscript back, nice workin’ with ya, have a nice life.

I was stunned, as you might imagine.

Emmis Books’ Web site is still loaded down with happy horseshit like this:

Now in our third year, we believe that we are at the start of something good. As a small publishing company, we know that books won’t be lost on lists and authors are an integral part of the process.

But I’m not bitter. No.

Anyway, I’m considering what to do with the manuscript, and I’m keeping everything open from trying to find another traditional publisher to doing it up as a nice PDF, letting everyone download it for free, and asking readers to pay me what they think it’s worth.

In the meantime, my loss — and this is a real blow to me — is your gain. I’m gonna share one of the little bonus bits that was to have been in the book, and now seems the right time to do it, since it has a little connection to the Oscars. Click here for Man in Black Meets Man in Black.

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