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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

Salma Hayek: fat by Hollywood standards

See that image over there on the right? That is Hollywood’s idea of what “fat” is when it comes to women:

Sexy Salma Hayek beefed up for her role opposite Farrell in Ask the Dust by scoffing handburgers. The Latino lovely decided she wasn’t curvy enough for the movie and found a fast food laid on by on-set caterers to help her out. “I ate lots of hamburgers,” says Hayek. “They had a good hamburger place. I thought the character should be 1930s but Mexican so I needed a little extra weight. Actually I put a lot of weight on and I actually haven’t been able to lose all of it.” Thankfully the actress came to terms with her new look through a nude scene for the film. “Once I got naked with all that weight, I said, ‘You know what? It’s okay.’ So I sort of stayed up since then.”

[news via AbsoluteNow.com]

She hasn’t been able to lose all of it? Who in their right mind would want her to lose all of it? Look at her at the Oscars:

Couldn’t you just eat her up? Sheesh.

(My review of Ask the Dust is here. Also: that nude scene? Hayek is delicious and luscious. So is Colin Farrell, for that matter: nude and delicious. Not that I would recommend you see the movie merely on that basis.)

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