weekend box office: ‘V for Vendetta’ doesn’t fail to launch

What was that Inigo Montoya said? There’s not a lot of money in revenge? Tell that to V for Vendetta, which raked in a hefty $26 million this weekend not just on freedom fighting but on a good bit of getting even for past wrongs, too.

Blockbuster or not, it’s probably fair to say that Vendetta is not going to make its Inigo a household name… or at least not a household face. Good thing Hugo Weaving doesn’t mind, as he told Canada.com:

“I think when your image becomes so big that it’s hard for a viewer to see a character, then I think you’re in danger as an actor of being unable to perform what you should be doing. And it becomes harder for you to successfully create another human being… So the idea of playing this man in a mask and never being seen was wonderful.”

Dropping to number two this week, though still with a respectable take of $15.8 million, is Failure to Launch, which also features a fantastically talented performer who remains shockingly anonymous. As Zooey Deschanel told People:

“People think I’m really young with no makeup on. The other day, somebody thought I was a child in a doctor’s office. They were like, ‘We weren’t sure whether to give you a child’s form or an adult’s form.’ I was like, ‘What? I mean, Thanks!’”

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