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New Police Story (review)

Is there such a thing as a bad Jackie Chan movie? If nothing else, a Jackie Chan movie always has the endlessly charming Jackie Chan, who’s like the Energizer Bunny as played by Harold Lloyd. As Jackie Chan movies go, this is pretty much what you’d expect: He’s a haunted cop on a year-long bender after a disastrous op that killed his partner, or whatever, but he’s pulled back into action by something or other. Oh, and he’s madly in love with the girl what the bad guys strapped a bomb around her neck. It’s all very tragic. Not that it matters. What matters is the cop-action-movie coolness of ultra immoral baddies who kill cops for fun and so must be brought down at any cost; cool stunts like bungee-biking down the side of a skyscraper; and, oh, a spectacular double-decker bus sequence that ravages a major part of the city, apparently. Plus, there’s a kung-fu battle in a LEGO store — with a prominent LEGO Godzilla in the background — that is perhaps the most hilarious example of gratutitous product placement ever. Through it all: the adorable and amazing Jackie Chan (Around the World in 80 Days) being adorable and amazing. The disc features audio in English and Cantonese, with subtitles in English, Cantonese, and Spanish. Extras include a hilarious featurette with Chan about dubbing into English called “I Hate English,” making-ofs, and Chan’s commentary on select scenes.

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MPAA: R for violence

viewed at home on a small screen

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