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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

Thursday movie news tidbits: Orlando Bloom officially nice, Chinese censors officially dumb, more

AMPAS loosening up on the secrecy, announces 120 new Academy members.

Killer quote:

No word on whether [Dakota] Fanning’s parents will allow the 12-year-old to see PG-13 and R-rated films so she can vote on them.

Orlando Bloom not just cute, but a really nice guy too.

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After the movie, there was a party at the Spotted Pig on Greenwich and 11th. It’s a small space, and the Pig all but oinked as Disney execs and many non-celeb types connected to the film squeezed in for a cozily humid time, over huge blue cheese burgers. Star power was provided by the appearance of “Pirates” star Orlando Bloom. (Johnny Depp was supposed to be there, but a nasty virus kept him home in France.) Bloom was accompanied by Kate Bosworth. A private back room had been provided for Bloom, but he spent a lot of time outside this stellar sanctum, chatting up friends and fans and posing for photos. He gets points for not running away.

MI3 tweaks Chinese censors, perhaps accidentally.

Killer quote:

Chinese censors delayed “Mission: Impossible III” for months because of its negative depiction of urban life in Shanghai.
But they missed an even seedier reference in the movie — a genuine cell-phone number spray-painted on a wall that offers to make fake documents.
These services, which supply fake IDs, college degrees or drivers’ licenses, are common in Chinese cities, and the scene has been called the weirdest product placement in local cinema history.

We’re awash in DVDs; everything that can be released has been.

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The number of theatrical catalog releases slipped 24.5 percent, to 563, which bolsters Tribbey’s contention that the studios mostly already have mined their vaults for marketable titles.

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