Tuesday movie news tidbits: Johnny Depp in ’21 Jump Street: The Movie,’ MPAA rating for Jesus, more

Johnny Depp to star in big-screen ’21 Jump Street’? Woo-hoo! Killer quote:

“To go back and play the same character that I played 20 years ago with a bunch of people talking behind his back, going, ‘He’s out of his mind. He’s really old now. But he thinks that he’s really young.’ That I would love to do.”

U.S. politicians have nothing better to do than argue about movie ratings. Killer quote:

“This incident raises the disquieting possibility that the MPAA considers exposure to Christian themes more dangerous for children than exposure to gratuitous sex and violence,” Blunt said in a letter to MPAA Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dan Glickman.

(No word about all the gratuitous sex and violence in the Bible.)
‘Lord of the Rings’ documentary director dissed by New Line. Killer quote:

Scenes which have been removed include those of extras dressed as orcs singing Stand By Me, apparently because New Line did not wish to pay for the rights to the song.

New works from legendary FX masters Harryhausen. Killer quote:

The deal with Mindfire allows for four films to be made under the “Ray Harryhausen Presents” banner and will draw on ideas Harryhausen has had over the years for new Sinbad, Jason and the Argonauts and Clash of the Titans movies, as well as a science fiction concept called The Elementals. The deal also includes projects that have “lost world” and “alien invasion” themes. (Mindfire is best known for inexpensive independent genre films such as House of the Dead and Room 6, as well as the theatrical releases Free Enterprise and The Specials.)

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