Bang (review)

It dates from 1995, but this low-budget indie, getting its first DVD release now, has a timeless power that the passage of a mere decade cannot diminish. Push literally comes to shove when a struggling actress (Darling Narita) finds herself at the mercy of a Los Angeles cop with a questionable dedication to protecting and serving, and this latest incident in a long series of abuses prompts her, in the heat of the moment, to appropriate his power. To say more than that would spoil the shocks of this riveting film, but suffice to say that her experience of the world over the course of a single day from a new perspective of unquestioned authority is enlightening in more ways that one. This is an enthralling exploration of how we as individuals and society as a whole grants clout and influence, and how easy it is to be taken away. Extras include interviews with the director and cast, an alternate ending, and more.

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