Mr. Fix It (review)

Quickly and cheaply made, this direct-to-video boil on the face of cinema was obviously made to cash in on the current trend of “romantic comedies” that manage to be neither romantic nor comedic — see Failure to Launch, Hitch, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, etc. — by giving us self-centered, lying, cheating heroes and heroines whom not only would we join an ascetic celibate religious order to avoid dating, we’re actively embarrassed to claim as members of the human race. Here it’s David Boreanaz as a romance troubleshooter who lousy boyfriends hire to trick their fed-up girlfriends that they’re not such losers after all (plot hint: they really are such losers). Every bad cliché of date movies is put to awful use, and every unfair stereotype about men and women and how they relate is held up as a supposed instance of glorious hilarity. I’d rather go on a bad blind date that have to sit through this flick again. Extras include director’s commentary and deleted scenes, but why?

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