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Scumrock (review)

Three cheers for genuinely independent film that’s charmingly shabby and takes chances despite severe budget limitations and pokes a bit of fun at itself. But unless honest intentions and street cred are enough for you, give this one a pass, because it doesn’t quite pay off in the end. Director Jon Moritsugu is “the king of underground cinema,” and this clipped, fast-moving flick — about a punk rock chick whose band is falling apart and a would-be arty filmmaker with grander ideas than talent — works best as a slice-of-life look at young urban outcasts/artists, a world clearly near and dear to Moritsugu… one that he can get away with being not entirely complimentary about. But the self-absorption of his characters ceases to be amusing long before his story has run out, at which point his less-than-polished filmmaking becomes a distraction. As with the film itself, the extras, which include auditions, outtakes, and camera tests, will appeal more to those with a particular interest in underground cinema than to those with an interest in more mainstream independent movies.

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MPAA: not rated

viewed at home on a small screen

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