Monster Camp (review)

Something in the zeitgeist is making us suddenly fascinated by people who dress up in pseudo medieval garb, pick up fake swords and maces, and beat the hitpoints out of one another. You know, for fun.

Darkon (review)

You may not have heard of live-action role-playing gamers, who enact the battles and intrigues of imaginary fantasy realms. This engaging film introduces us to some of those fantasists…

Canvas (review)

Recipient of numerous film festival awards and praised by mental health experts for its authentic and humanistic portrayal of schizophrenia, this modest film is a must-see for its honesty and its fine, graceful performances.

War Dance (review)

Kids are kids the world over: it sounds so obvious, even banal, to simply say it, but seeing the compelling and haunting — and rousing — evidence that that is true even for kids in the worst possible circumstances is a sharp reminder that we all share more than we don’t.