How She Move (review)

These kids today, with their funky step dancing and their vibrant street culture and their desperate attempts to raise tuition for private school. Where did we go wrong with them?

27 Dresses (review)

Herewith the latest example of whalebone-corseted conformity masquerading as a postfeminist statement on modern independent womanhood.

First Sunday (review)

Apparently, it’s now okay to commit serious felonies like robbery with breaking and entering along with kidnapping at gunpoint as long as you have a really, really good reason…

Tribeca ’07: Nobel Son (review)

You’re lucky you’re not a genius. It’s one of those perfect-crime kinda flicks, wrapped up in familial angst as a black-comedy topping. That it’s all rather ridiculous and overly complicates itself in the process is almost beside the point … though not entirely. See, arrogant college prof and working scientist Eli Michaelson (Alan Rickman: Harry … more…