Midnight in Paris (review)

Midnight in Paris becomes the butt of its own gentle joke… perhaps the most Woody Allen joke ever, one that wraps up a paralyzing self-awareness in a redemptive self-deprecation to, finally and splendidly, laugh with great good humor at itself.

The Sitter (review)

I’m starting to wonder, truly and sincerely, if David Gordon Green is suffering from one of those brain tumors that radically alters one’s personality…

Pariah (review)

Writer-director Dee Rees, in an assured feature debut, expands on her award-winning 2007 short of the same name to tell a story all but ignored in pop culture: the coming out of a black teen lesbian.

Shame (review)

Strips away the bullshit to the bare, spare truth: what pop culture typically feeds us as “ordinary” male sexuality is probably worthy of a psychiatric diagnosis.

The Artist (review)

Who does this? Who makes a black-and-white movie in the 21st century? Who makes a silent film in the 21st century? The Artist: Not in 3D, not in IMAX, not even in widescreen!