The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (review)

Lo and behold and WTF, here’s adorkable Jay Baruchel getting molested by dancing mops as the literal replication of a 70-year-old cartoon forces its way into a movie where it clashes tonally, interrupts the plot, and just plain makes no sense.

An Education (review)

Someone once said that perfect movies are boring and only flawed movies intriguing, and then along comes a movie like *An Education,* about which the number of things that are absolutely perfect is impossible to measure… and it’s thrilling and captivating anyway.

Nothing Like the Holidays (review)

Surely the concept of ‘family’ is one of the laziest bits of shorthand Hollywood films use as a shortcut for bypassing all the necessary drama that should otherwise be transporting a character from Point A to Point B over the course of a well-told story.