script spy: a scene from the upcoming ‘Battleship’

You have slightly more than a year to prepare your heart and soul for the onslaught of Battleship, the $200 million flick based on the Milton Bradley board game, coming to a theater near you May 2012. In the interests of preventing your head from exploding out of sheer awesome overload once the film arrives, I am proud to inoculate you with a snippet from a scene, supplied to me by many Bothan spies who gave their lives to get me this…

Red (review)

Of all the washed-up washed-out over-the-hill too-old-for-this-shit action-hero movies we’ve had thrown at us this year — The A-Team, The Losers, The ExpendablesRed is by far the most amusing, the most clever, the most tongue-in-cheek, the most fun (and I say that as someone who mostly liked those other movies).