The Binge: Mrs America

Apart from the value of its explicatory gloss on anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly, there is entertaining, gratifying drama in the clash of so many complex feminist women working against her.

a few thoughts on ‘Mad Men’: “The Suitcase”

Peggy may be something of an anomaly in the 1960s, but she feels like today’s everywoman — and maybe even today’s everyperson, male or female — who feels a discrepancy between what she really wants and what she’s pressured by society to think she wants.

Flawless (review)

It’s gotta mean something, right? In only the first few months of 2008 we’ve seen more than one — more than two — movies about daring, honking-big robberies pulled off by little people who feel, perhaps justifiably so, that they’ve been cheated by life…