Fanny Lye deliver’d from her own deliverance with the dick-washed US poster for ‘The Delivered’

Well, isn’t this special?

At the 2019 London Film Festival, I saw an incredible film called Fanny Lye Deliver’d, which was finally released in the UK on streaming platforms in this pandemic autumn of 2020, initially in conjunction with the digital-only Edinburgh Film Festival. This is a wildly inventive historical feminist horror movie, which is quite a rare subgenre. From my review:

This is horror of a deliciously audacious nature, limited in physical scale — the action barely leaves the surroundings of the Lye farmhouse — yet ambitious in emotional scope. For the monstrousness here isn’t of a supernatural bent, either potentially or actually; this ain’t another ‘The Witch.’ The mantle of monstrousness, in fact, moves around with the burgeoning understanding of the possibilities before her that Fanny’s experience here brings. She has been suffering from a sort of proto–feminine mystique, that nameless, amorphous dissatisfaction with the world and her place in it that Betty Friedan pegged to (white middle-class suburban) women in postwar America but which has certainly afflicted women since men decided they would be the ones to make the rules. And it is starting to dawn on her that she is missing out on life.

I invite you to read my review in its entirety. It contains no spoilers.

Fanny Lye Deliver’d will arrive on VOD in the US on January 15th, 2021. This is what the US poster looks like:

The Delivered poster

Contrast with the much more accurately representative UK poster:

That sound you hear is me screaming with feminist rage. Maxine Peake getting her feminist awakening in Cromwell’s puritanical England is suddenly, for its US #VOD release, apparently a pseudo Western starring Charles Dance.

(The US trailer does a slightly better job of centering Fanny.)

Aside from Peake’s very tall 17th-century hat, which is easy enough to overlook at first glance, the US poster makes it look like this story is set in the American west (or maybe Australia) in the 19th century, and that whatever story it is going to tell will be all about Charles Dance. And there is nothing you can say to me that will convince me that this is not a deliberate choice on the part of Quiver Distribution. Which makes even less sense when you look at Quiver’s web site, which at the moment features lots of movies that seem to be about women!

Tell me again how Hollywood doesn’t hate women…

Fuck this shit. It’s the dick-washing of The Sapphires all over again.

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