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film criticism by maryann johanson | since 1997

wtf: ‘The Hurt Locker,’ for reals

Fri Aug 27 2010, 04:57pm | 4 comments

wtf: Steven Slater: The Reality Show

Mon Aug 16 2010, 05:22pm | 8 comments

question of the day: Does Jet Blue flight attendant Steven Slater deserve to be a folk hero?

Thu Aug 12 2010, 10:45am | 23 comments

“amusing ourselves to death”: why many won’t care about the loss of Net neutrality… but why we must

Thu Aug 05 2010, 05:01pm | 13 comments

‘MacGruber’: it’s the bomb

Mon May 24 2010, 03:54pm | 9 comments

Iron Man 2 (review)

Fri May 07 2010, 03:22am | 22 comments

Green Lantern’s CGI wardrobe, cutting the cord to cable TV, sexy Shrek, and more: leftover links

Sat Apr 17 2010, 12:31pm | 2 comments

because reality shows have just been too, you know, *real*

Thu Apr 15 2010, 07:28pm | 8 comments

can Twitter predict box office?; reality shows hit a new low; buy your way into X-Men; and more: leftover links

Sun Apr 11 2010, 12:26pm | 0 comments

Jon Stewart loves Barbie; should government support the arts?; learning Na’vi; more: leftover links

Sun Apr 04 2010, 12:55pm | 3 comments

because Syfy wasn’t kidding when they said they don’t like sci fi

Wed Mar 17 2010, 08:02pm | 23 comments

question of the weekend: How do we fix what’s wrong with American politics?

Sat Feb 13 2010, 12:31pm | 12 comments

question of the day: Has our penchant for turning everything into entertainment finally ended with the backlash against octuplet mom Nadya Suleman?

Tue Feb 17 2009, 10:00am | 11 comments

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