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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

because reality shows have just been too, you know, *real*

Are you ready for “reality TV” as seen through the eyes of Michael Bay? Well, get ready:

Michael Bay, the director of blockbuster films Transformers and Armageddon, is to bring his high-octane style to television with a new reality TV series called One Way Out.

According to Deadline Hollywood, the show, described as a “game with no rules”, has been called a cross between shows Survivor, The Mole and The Amazing Race.

The show marks Bay’s first foray into unscripted TV and will see contestants compete against each other in extreme conditions in hostile environments. Bay has said that the action-adventure show, produced with company Magical Elves, will “remain true to the filmmaker’s signature style”.

I’m seeing a weekly foray into slo-mo exploding helipcopters while lingerie models battle giant space robots for supremacy.

In all sincerity, I have no doubt that this will be the most popular TV show ever. And certainly the loudest.

This has been your WTF Thought for the Day.

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  • Keith

    They can start by blowing up my TV. I see less and less of a need for it.

  • is this a delayed April Fool’s Joke? are you trying to trick us?

  • Michael

    A “game with no rules?” AWESOME! I can see it now:

    “Michael Bay presents…CALVINBALL!!

  • I doubt Bay can live up to the hype. Computer animated violence of machines duking it out is his style, not Lord of the Flies realism.

  • Brian

    All the contestants will be locked into a studio, surrounded by nothing but green screens. They will have no idea what’s supposed to be happening as they are told to run around and hit marks, wear motion capture suits, and scream at tennis balls on sticks while surrounded by epileptic camera operators. The tension will increase as they slowly go insane over several weeks, then Bay will cobble clips of their hysterical ravings together with a wide array of computer-generated carnage.

    Solid gold.

  • Brian

    Come to think of it, that may be the way Bay is going to film Transformers 3, too.

  • LaSargenta

    Bwahahahahaha! Youse guys just made me spit water out onto my lap. Fortunately, I had just pushed the keyboard tray back under my desk!

    Nothing to add.


  • Yes, indeed. Brian’s comments FTW. B)

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