Battleship (review)

Pretty much the dullest alien invasion movie ever, featuring an uninteresting incursion by nondescript aliens doing boring things and not even blowing shit up in exciting new ways.

script spy: a scene from the upcoming ‘Battleship’

You have slightly more than a year to prepare your heart and soul for the onslaught of Battleship, the $200 million flick based on the Milton Bradley board game, coming to a theater near you May 2012. In the interests of preventing your head from exploding out of sheer awesome overload once the film arrives, I am proud to inoculate you with a snippet from a scene, supplied to me by many Bothan spies who gave their lives to get me this…

Just Go with It (review)

Is it any wonder that is always seems to be Jennifer Aniston, America’s It Girl, who gets screwed by spectacularly selfish men who embody this new American ideal of “Do whatever you want, to whomever you want, no matter how evil, no matter how wrong, and you will not only escape punishment, you will be richly rewarded for your antisocial behavior”? Poor Aniston: She is the foreclosure crisis of the modern Hollywood romantic comedy.