question of the day: Just what the heck is a Brooklyn Decker, anyway?

Brooklyn Decker

A couple of London movie tweeps — @LondonFilmFan and @orangewarrior — were having a discussion the other day about just what the heck a “Brooklyn Decker” is. @orangewarrior figured:

A Brooklyn Decker is a New York-invented act of sexual perversity.possibly involving a chocolate bar

I, as a New Yorker, had to set them straight: A Brooklyn Decker is an egg cream soda that uses hot fudge instead of regular chocolate syrup.

Although suddenly I’m not so sure. Isn’t “Brooklyn Decker” an obsolete term for a ball hit into the upper levels at a Dodgers game, back when they were still a New York team?

And now I hear that there’s some model-turned-actress — she’s appeared in Battleship, apparently — using this term as her actual name.
I’m so confused. Help me out here, folks.

Just what the heck is a Brooklyn Decker, anyway?

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