cinematic roots of: ‘Buried’

In Buried, Ryan Reynolds’ contractor in Iraq wakes up in a coffin with nothing but a Zippo and a cell phone for company, and learns that his captors want a ridiculous ransom to release him. This flick sprang from (among other films)…

Cellular (review)

That’s the kind of flick *Cellular* is: goofily obvious when it isn’t unexpectedly exciting. It’s one of those movies that succeeds partly by not being anywhere near as bad as you were expecting it to be — by being, really, not so bad at all, much to one’s shocked surprise. Seriously, I was anticipating two hours of that annoyingly pseudo-hip Elvis Costello-ish guy from the TV commercials who wanders around saying ‘Can you hear me now?’ into his cell phone — and why o why won’t someone kidnap *him*? — and instead the goofily obvious stuff is more than made up for by the suspense and the humor.