Pride and Glory (review)

Well, this is refreshing. In a world where we’re all used to movie trailers that begin with ‘In a world where…’ and then go on to reveal the entire plot for us, it turns out that the trailer for Pride and Glory does not, in fact, do that, even though it looks like it does.

‘Life on Mars’: still sucking hard

[spoilers] A shot of modern Manhattan bereft of the World Trade Center, with “an island never cries” on the soundtrack? Are they kidding? This is the American Life on Mars’ idea of… what? Irony? Pathos? Look, I still get weepy when I happen across some logo for a dry cleaners or a deli or garbage-hauling … more…

5 reasons I’m psyched for ‘Righteous Kill’

All this week! 5 movies I’m psyched for in September, and 5 reasons why. No. 2: Righteous Kill [opens wide September 12]. 1. Pacino! DeNiro! They’re cops! 2. In the trailer, DeNiro suggests the scumbag they’re trying to find is a “cop serial killer.” Which means we’re gonna spend the whole movie wondering whether Al … more…

Street Kings (review)

I’ve been seesawing with myself on Street Kings since… well, since I was sitting in the screening room watching it. It’s not an easy movie to recommend — I can’t honestly be totally gung-ho on it — but it’s not an easy movie to dismiss, either.

American Beauty (again) (review)

Was American Beauty the single best film of 1999? I can’t decide. The second time I watched the film, on a widescreen video screener after it won the Oscar for Best Picture, I thought with horror: I named this sitcom one of my best films of the year? On a third viewing, also on the small screen, I saw once again all the brilliance that I saw the first time around, and more.