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5 reasons I’m psyched for ‘Righteous Kill’

All this week! 5 movies I’m psyched for in September, and 5 reasons why. No. 2: Righteous Kill [opens wide September 12].
1. Pacino! DeNiro! They’re cops!

2. In the trailer, DeNiro suggests the scumbag they’re trying to find is a “cop serial killer.” Which means we’re gonna spend the whole movie wondering whether Al or Bobby is the cop serial killer. Which is gonna be whole tons of fun.

3. There’s an awesome amount of swearing just in the redband trailer alone. Not that we shouldn’t be expecting that from Pacino and DeNiro.

4. Carla Gugino. She’s badass. Ditto John Leguizamo. But Gugino could probably kick his ass.

5. There hasn’t been a decent cop movie since Street Kings way back in the spring. Which doesn’t mean this will be a decent cop movie, merely that I’m ready for one. So I’ll be looking for this one to tide me over till Pride & Glory lands on October 24, assuming that that Edward Norton/Colin Farrell NYPD thriller, which has been bumping back and forth from this fall to 2009 and back again, actually stays put.

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  • Hdj

    For this one, all I gota say is, Finally, I felt jiped by Heat so hopefully this is the Pacino/DeNiro team up that most Italian Americans like my self have been waiting for.

  • Rykker

    Sweet — I didn’t realize that Carla was included.
    I was already stoked to see this; that just makes it all the better.

    Two for two, MaryAnn.

  • JT

    Looks extremely generic to me, despite the presence of Deniro and Pacino.

  • Five reasons I’m not psyched:

    1. 88 Minutes
    2. Analyze That
    3. Any Given Sunday
    4. Rocky and Bullwinkle
    5. S1m0ne

  • Hdj

    Kruger non of those movies where cops movies. Second, this could be “The Departed” of Pacino and Deniros career, not saying it is, but a could be. third, its Scarface and Taxi driver ok, I heard things, ok I heard they’d make a movie together like this. I really doubt, the two of them would agree to be in the same movie on a weak script, especially after a wait this long and do some run of the mill good cop,bad cop routine. That would be a disappointment.

  • Pen Dragon

    Couldn’t “cop serial killer” mean a non-cop who serially kills cops, rather than a serial killer who is a cop?
    (Yes, I am an English major.)
    The first trailer I saw made the movie look formulaic and awful; the second (much longer) one made it look like both cops were whacking bad guys without telling the other, and trying to set themselves up to take the fall in case the other guy got caught…an interesting idea, at least.
    Kruger makes a good point, though: when was the last time either of these great actors made a movie that was even watchable? Bobby’s was probably Ronin, in 98, and Pacino…uh…Heat, maybe?

  • Hdj

    Pacino was good in “Two for the Money” then before that he did “The Devils Advocate” and ” Donnie Brasco” ,all which were after “Heat” , their great actors , not bums.

  • MaryAnn

    Couldn’t “cop serial killer” mean a non-cop who serially kills cops, rather than a serial killer who is a cop?

    It could, but it’s pretty clear from the trailers that that’s not what they mean.

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