ParaNorman (review)

Dismal, yet profound and pungent, ParaNorman makes its points in ways more sharp and brutal than other “children’s” films. This is a story about ostracism and bigotry taken to extremes, and about our own unspoken prejudices and assumptions.

this is why Neil Gaiman is a god

I don’t know why it took this long, but yesterday, the Guardian published “A nobody’s guide to the Oscars,” by Neil Gaiman. He was present at that august event because he wrote the source material for Coraline, which was nominated for Best Animated Feature: I had also written a 15-second sequence for the Oscars, in … more…

totally quotable! 2009

Here are the most quotable movie lines of the year 2009. No ranking — newer quotes are posted at the top. [Warning: May contain spoilers.] “I’m craving a burger. Is that strange?” –Sergeant Matt Thompson (Guy Pearce), as he puts on his bomb suit, The Hurt Locker “If he wasn’t an insurgent, he sure the … more…