The Lion King in 3D (review)

However crass Disney’s motivation may have been in rereleasing the film, it’s cheering to see that even in this era of awesome home-entertainment setups and increasingly unpleasant multiplexes, people still want to see great movies on a big screen with big sound…

William & Kate (review)

If you’re gonna do a WB-esque royal-wedding cash-in movie, you have to give it a fair shot. Where is the dream sequence? I fully expected to see Kate go all Buffy on some shuffling hoards of zombie paparazzi. But it’s nowhere to be found in William & Kate. How mysterious.

Gnomeo & Juliet (review)

It’s garden gnomes… in love… even though they’re supposed to hate each other! It’s funny cuz they’re plaster lawn decorations and say things like “Let’s kick some grass!” and have a plastic pink flamingo pal with a funny generic South American accent who gives them wise advice about romance.