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documentaries for understanding how we got President Trump, and for ensuring we never get him or his like again

Thu Mar 04 2021, 06:59pm | 0 comments

movies by or about women opening UK/Ire Jan 17

Sat Jan 18 2020, 01:36pm | 0 comments

movies by or about women opening US/Can Dec 13

Sun Dec 15 2019, 10:20pm | 0 comments

Free Trip to Egypt documentary review: busting through bigotry

Tue Jun 11 2019, 09:42pm | 0 comments

movies by or about women opening US/Can from Thu Dec 06

Fri Dec 07 2018, 11:18pm | 0 comments

curated: suppression of the free press in Trump’s America turns violent

Thu May 25 2017, 05:56pm | 4 comments

The Brainwashing of My Dad documentary review: pushing back against Fox News

Fri Mar 18 2016, 10:26pm | 2 comments

from Twitter: there are two different Megyn Kellys…

Tue Aug 11 2015, 09:05pm | 1 comment

Paddington movie review: please look in on this movie, thank you

Wed Nov 26 2014, 05:00pm | 27 comments

is Santa Claus white?

Sat Dec 14 2013, 11:44am | 24 comments

“just give up, stop complaining, accept idiocy as inevitable”

Mon Apr 22 2013, 05:59pm | 6 comments

just when you think you’ve heard all the horrible racist crap the world has yet invented… (and other adventures in social networking)

Fri Feb 01 2013, 11:15pm | 0 comments

Downton Abbey a threat to the Left, Fox News desperately wants to believe (and other adventures in social networking)

Wed Jan 23 2013, 12:48am | 0 comments

Fox News ignores “hottest year on record” story (and other adventures in social networking)

Wed Jan 09 2013, 11:53pm | 4 comments

question of the day: Was Bob Costas wrong to deliver a pro-gun-control message during a halftime show?

Wed Dec 05 2012, 10:39am | 0 comments

question of the weekend: What do you see in the world (or whatever corner of it you choose) that gives you hope?

Sat Nov 03 2012, 01:11pm | 0 comments

we’re a place now where trailers have alternate endings (and other adventures in social networking)

Wed Sep 19 2012, 11:48pm | 0 comments

G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2nd trailer, plus notes from a footage reveal)

Tue Apr 24 2012, 12:55pm | 1 comment

watch it: “The Muppets Attack Fox News”

Wed Feb 01 2012, 01:53pm | 0 comments

how much coverage of SOPA have you seen in the mainstream American media?

Thu Jan 19 2012, 12:13am | 0 comments

question of the day: Is there anything wrong with Chaz Bono appearing on ‘Dancing With the Stars’?

Tue Sep 06 2011, 10:54am | 0 comments

Maria Shriver leaked Arnie’s shame; Alan Rickman’s awesome open letter to J.K. Rowling; Disney abandons ‘Seal Team 6’ trademark; more: leftover links

Mon May 30 2011, 11:21pm | 0 comments

blame Twitter for Wil Wheaton’s nonblogging; ‘Shit My Dad Says’ shitcanned; Catherine Tate may take over ‘The Office’; more: leftover links

Sun May 22 2011, 10:46pm | 0 comments

Osama bin Laden on Twitter; no black people at the royal wedding, duh; DVD sales are plummeting; more: leftover links

Sat May 07 2011, 09:01pm | 0 comments

why celebs love Scientology; Netflix in deal for original programming; the real problem of ‘Mars Needs Moms’; more: leftover links

Sun Mar 20 2011, 07:12pm | 0 comments

Adult Swim is killing; 80s flicks that shaped our world today; can gays play straight?; and more: leftover links

Sun Mar 06 2011, 09:21pm | 0 comments

Sam Worthington surprised by ‘Titans’ sequel; book banning makes a comeback in the U.S.; early ‘Siskel & Ebert’ now watchable online; more: leftover links

Sun Feb 20 2011, 02:03pm | 0 comments

dodging the Egypt Internet crackdown; the Oscar race is already over; is Amazon going all out with unlimited streaming?; more: leftover links

Sun Feb 06 2011, 05:30pm | 0 comments

question of the day: What button would you add to your TV remote control?

Wed Jan 05 2011, 10:38am | 0 comments

Roger Ebert’s new show needs a second host; studio hopes Netflix is fading; does the U.K. need a Fox news?; more: leftover links

Sun Dec 19 2010, 12:37pm | 0 comments

Fox News has no sense of humor; where the heck is the original ‘Tron’?; entire ‘Walking Dead’ writing staff fired; more: leftover links

Sun Dec 05 2010, 03:23pm | 0 comments

tres cool: “Glenn Beck hates America”…

Mon Oct 18 2010, 09:36am | 0 comments

wtf: mainstream journalism is even more of a mess than we thought

Fri Oct 01 2010, 02:59pm | 0 comments

wtf: daycare sends six-year-olds to an R-rated movie

Thu Jul 15 2010, 04:46pm | 5 comments

Polanski speaks (but doesn’t apologize); sexist iPad ads?; Mr. Rogers is evil, says Fox News; more: leftover links

Sun May 09 2010, 03:41pm | 1 comment

because our mass media corporate overlords are insane

Tue Mar 02 2010, 08:38pm | 15 comments

Kevin Smith, foul-mouth? is ‘Avatar’ immoral? Penelope Cruz in ‘POTC 4’?, and more: leftover links

Sat Feb 13 2010, 05:36pm | 10 comments

‘Doctor Who’ blogging: “The Long Game”

Tue Jun 09 2009, 11:40pm | 0 comments

question of the day: Huh? What? “Glenn Beck comedy show”?

Tue Apr 14 2009, 08:05am | 6 comments

watch it: “Fox has a teabagg’n problem”

Mon Apr 13 2009, 11:58am | 5 comments

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