‘Doctor Who’ blogging: “42”

I’m *so* madly in love with David Tennant’s Doctor. I mean, it’s scary, and sad, how I can’t stop thinking about him. Even in the not-so-awesome episodes like this one. Watching him running around and doing nothing is maybe second only to actually traveling with him on the TARDIS. “Burn with me, Martha”? Ooo, I think I might.

‘Doctor Who’ blogging: “The Lazarus Experiment”

This is like an old-style ‘Doctor Who’ episode: the mad scientist who pushes beyond boundaries of whatever, and the Doctor must stop him, blah blah blah. It’s pretty standard, actually. Most of what’s really fascinating about this episode is on the periphery, or in the background, or doesn’t become obvious until you rewatch it after you’ve seen the entire season.

‘Doctor Who’ blogging: “Evolution of the Daleks”

Martha not wanting to separated from the Doctor? Hell, I’d be the same way. I’d never wanna let him out of my sight, not just because of the being madly in love thing, but because I’d be terrified of being left behind. This was an unspoken aspect of in my fanfic: You don’t let go of the Doctor. You just don’t.

‘Doctor Who’ blogging: “Gridlock”

I’ve seen this episode three or four times now, and each time, I think more highly of it. I’m not crazy about the New New York stuff for starters — it’s just not alien enough for five *billion* years in the future, but, okay: whatever.