Tower Heist (review)

For a film critic, there are few pleasures more satisfying than ripping into a bad movie. But one of those few is discovering that a film that you were expecting to hate — a movie that you had no doubts whatsoever would turn out to be utterly awful — turns out to be wonderful.

fresh faces? in what universe?

Gotta love the IMDB’s Fresh Faces gallery, which features headshots of young actors hoping to break in: Every single of one them looks like someone who’s already famous. There’s nothing fresh about them, which was totally obvious today, when the site’s “Born Today” celeb, Sarah Jessica Parker, was pictured just above today’s “Fresh Face,” Kindall … more…

Gabby totally just asked Justin out to the Oscars!

Gabourey Sidibe, who’s been nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her performance in Precious, wants Justin Timberlake to be her date for the upcoming awards ceremony, according to People magazine: “I want to make Justin Timberlake and [The Hurt Locker actor] Anthony Mackie fight it out for the honor of being my date,” Sidibe … more…