retro trailer: ‘Brian’s Song’

Take a look back at an old trailer… It’s the world’s only football chick flick, this “tough, tender, and true story” of Sonny Corleone and Lando Calrissian forcibly integrating the sleeping arrangements of an NFL team, which their love for each other and Sonny’s surprise pregnancy inspires them to do. That is what it’s about, … more…

Rocky (review)

It comes as a bit of a shock to be reminded that, after so many years of movies the likes of Daylight and Oscar, that our man Sly got his start not only as the star of this superb movie but also as its screenwriter. This tender movie, on the surface about the most violent of sports, is really a Marty-esque romance about two lonely people reaching out to each other.

The Godfather (review)

What would the AFA have to say about The Godfather? Francis Ford Coppola’s riveting generational saga of Sicilian mob families in New York City is steeped in themes like loyalty to family and the importance of religion, and at the same time demonstrates how dangerous too-close family ties can be.