the worst movies of 2010

I’ve finally gotten through the last few films I needed to see for the year, and am now able to definitively declare that of the 208 new theatrical releases I saw during the award year (which doesn’t really end till the Oscars are handed out next month), these 10 are the very worst of the lot…

cinematic roots of: ‘Hereafter’

In Hereafter, Matt Damon sees dead people, but doesn’t want to, and is on a collusion course with a French woman (Cecile De France) and a British boy who have also had a taste of the afterlife. This flick sprang from (among other films):

Hereafter (review)

I sincerely cannot help but worry, with no snarkiness intended whatsoever, whether Clint Eastwood has gone senile. He is 80, after all. I hope this not the case, of course, and I certainly don’t wish it on the guy, but I can’t imagine what else explains this utterly baffling film.