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Hunter Killer movie review: dead in the water

Sun Oct 21 2018, 08:56pm | 23 comments

curated: Brie Larson wants more diverse film critics; white dudes unhappy

Thu Jun 14 2018, 02:18pm | 7 comments

Mary Magdalene movie review: the Gospel of Mary

Fri Mar 16 2018, 02:42pm | 44 comments

curated: Harry Knowles is a total creep

Mon Sep 25 2017, 06:39pm | 51 comments

I introduce IndieWire readers to the Where Are the Women? project

Wed Jul 08 2015, 07:24pm | 1 comment

the magic bullet for improving the number of women directors working in Hollywood

Thu Jul 24 2014, 02:00pm | 27 comments

spoiler alert: what’s really going on in Inside Llewyn Davis

Thu May 08 2014, 06:07pm | 44 comments

Entertainment Weekly is hiring writers! as long as those writers don’t want to get paid

Thu Mar 27 2014, 07:03pm | 8 comments

“can women save film criticism?”

Thu Mar 13 2014, 11:52am | 2 comments

I wrote a thing for Indiewire…

Thu Feb 20 2014, 05:14pm | 2 comments

is it The New York Times’ fault so many movies get released?

Sun Jan 12 2014, 04:04pm | 3 comments

evening clickbait: I am a heroine of cinema; who’s the robot that won’t cop out?; Magneto killed JFK; The Representation Project; John Sayles cannot get his films funded; Melissa Leo, agent of awesome

Thu Dec 12 2013, 11:05pm | 3 comments

evening clickbait: the Spike Lee Oldboy poster controversy gets weirder; apparently Philomena is unfair to nice Catholic nuns who saved innocent babies from whorish mothers

Sat Nov 30 2013, 12:33am | 4 comments

David Tennant as a robot Jedi Master. you’re welcome (and other adventures in social networking)

Thu Nov 08 2012, 12:01am | 0 comments

question of the day: Can movie culture survive the death of so many cinemas?

Mon Jul 09 2012, 08:00am | 0 comments

Upside Down (trailer)

Mon Jan 09 2012, 09:00am | 0 comments

on the unseemly power of those crazy feminist bitches (or not) when it comes to making moves about women

Mon Jul 11 2011, 08:35pm | 0 comments

film projection as a lost art; or, why projectionists must be scolded into doing their jobs

Fri Jun 03 2011, 04:11pm | 0 comments

question of the day: Have you ever lied about liking a movie, and if so, why?

Wed May 04 2011, 10:14am | 0 comments

wtf: film critic reviews ‘Inception’ without seeing it, doesn’t understand why this is a problem

Wed Jul 07 2010, 03:52pm | 8 comments

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