Thor (review)

I knew it! I knew Kenneth Branagh was a geek. Oh, sure, he got famous for all that snooty Shakespeare stuff, but deep down, he’s mad for comic books and superheroes and all that pulp-fiction stuff. He’s a dork.

Ninja Assassin (review)

‘Ninja assassin.’ It’s like ‘monster trucks’ and ‘automatic weapons’ and ‘zombie Nazis’: you take two great things that are awesome separately, and then you put ’em together and it becomes like totally mindblowing, dude. Oh not.

trailer break: ‘Changeling’

Take a break from work: watch a movie trailer… Methinks Angelina’s vying for another Oscar… Holy crap: this was written by J. Michael “Bablyon 5” Straczynski? Weird. Changeling opens limited October 24, wide October 31.