question of the day: Does anyone really trust celebrities?

This week Forbes magazine published its list of “The Ten Most Trusted Celebrites”. They’re talking about trust when it comes to marketing: Consider this: Before his late November car crash, the world-class golfer was a marketer’s dream–a consummate professional on the course and guarded family man off. Brands from Nike and Accenture to Gillette and … more…

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (again) (review)

This is a geeky rehashing of The Phantom Menace, after a summer of six viewings of the movie and endless debates and discussions with other fans and friends in person and via e-mail, and in response to some of the criticism that has been aimed at the film by various folks online and off.

Star Wars (review)

What can I possibly say about *Star Wars* that hasn’t already been said a hundred times? George Lucas’s modern fairy tale must be one of the most discussed, most analyzed films of the century…