female gazing at: Jeffrey Donovan

Thursday may be the day that new Burn Notices get cablecast, but for me, Friday night is Burn Notice Night, when I get to watch the previous evening’s episode. Hoorah for Burn Notice Night!

the awesomeness of Bruce Campbell knows no bounds

Item: Bruce Campbell is making a sequel to My Name Is Bruce, according to an email he sent to Ain’t It Cool News. It is to be called Bruce vs. Frankenstein. As Empire points out, this isn’t exactly Bubba Nosferatu, which we Bruceheads have been eagerly awaiting since Bubba Ho-Tep blew our little geek minds, … more…

‘Burn Notice’ returns tonight

Just a heads-up that Burn Notice, USA Network’s fluffily delightful comedy, returns to the tube tonight at 10pm Eastern. This really is the perfect summer show: it’s funny and light but still smart and snarky; it takes itself seriously enough to be believable — which is important when you’re dealing with fantasy spy stuff like … more…