the awesomeness of Bruce Campbell knows no bounds

Item: Bruce Campbell is making a sequel to My Name Is Bruce, according to an email he sent to Ain’t It Cool News. It is to be called Bruce vs. Frankenstein. As Empire points out, this isn’t exactly Bubba Nosferatu, which we Bruceheads have been eagerly awaiting since Bubba Ho-Tep blew our little geek minds, but so what?

Item: Burn Notice is back! I do sorta have a sneaky kind of MacGyver-esque crush on Jeffrey Donovan as geek-tinkerer/blacklisted spy Michael Westen, but still: the show would be called Bruce Notice in any just universe. (Campbell is Michael’s wiseass sidekick, Sam, for those who sadly have not been inculcated in the cult of Burn Notice.)
This is funny because: I still haven’t seen My Name Is Bruce, which is unforgivable for me, who worships Bruce Campbell something fierce, and would be happy to have his babies. But I’m really gonna get to it soon, I swear to Bruce, and may he have mercy on my geek soul. His chin can kill me any time, and it would be no more and no less than I deserve.

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